Saturday, 9 May 2009

10 Things

1. I lie about my age.
2. Male models are stupid as hell.
3. I do not have gasoline fights.
4. Hairdressers tried to turn me into a pink shitzu.
5. I get my tits out.
6. She was photo shopped to hell on that Vogue Italia cover.
7. I eat.
8. I skipped all my castings on Friday.
9. RM  has met me at least ten times and still doesn't remember who the fuck I am.
10. America's Next Top Model is fake.


  1. Is that all you got?
    What kind of a blog whore are you...???

  2. 5. I'll guess based on that, but only if there's a way to PM not spoil it for everyone else if a lucky guess is made.

    9. RM probably changed his mind about saying he remembered who the fuck you are.

  3. 1. Don't even know your fake age, let alone your real one

    2. Aren't photographer sweet as hell, and you'd just want to run up and hug this one photog in particular?

    3. Ben Stiller got into character and told me "those were my friends who blew themselves up like a bunch of idiots."

    4. I have long hair, and dread the idea of an NYFW stylist wanting to put those foil things on me.

    5. A real reason to be scared of me, is that I shoot artistic nudity as well as editorials & candid pics.

    6. Natalia Vodianova didn't look very photoshopped on her recent British Vogue cover.

    7. Take me on in an eating contest at The Mongolian Buffet? It's near Bryant Park.

    8. You could make up for that mortal sin by working with me on a magazine spread, or an ad.

    9. If he doesn't remember who you are..he'd be less likely to play a joke on you. Like if he called your hotel room pretending to be security & saying you have to leave immediately..but he doesn't know your name.

    10. Mel Rose took second place, and has already become more successful than any of the winners.

  4. 10 1/2. Back in December, I tried to book this one brazillian model. And she flat out refused, claiming I fail as a photographer on EVERY level. A few shoots added to my portfolio, she also claimed I'm not getting better.

    What's interesting was before and after December ' that RM was teaching me some neat shit. She slapped two photogs in the face for the price of one.